I am Danny Perski

This is my digital playground and portfolio. All work, past or present, will be archived here for future reference.

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I am a game designer, software developer, and programmer. I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ and I'm a student at Collins College. I've released several games over the past few years. The most notable of them are Kings & Corpses and Exponential Invasion. In 2013, I was also an intern at the Game CoLab, a coworking space and incubator for game developers in the valley.

I know several programming languages; Most notably Objective-C and JavaScript. I design the majority of the interface and artwork for my own games. I have also worked with several talented musicians, including Andrew Matecha who did the music for Fragments and Rock Paper Missiles, and Mangadrive who did the score for Kings & Corpses.

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Games for mobile and computer platforms.

The games on this page have been officially published and are openly available to the public. Some of these games are paid titles, typically running between $1-$3.

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Kings & Corpses

Kings & Corpses is a Chess-like puzzle game where you need to defend the king from the zombie infection!

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Rock Paper Missiles

Challenge your friends and rank up in this evolution of the classic hand based strategy game, this time with an arsenal of new and exciting weapons!

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Exponential Invasion

Exponential Invasion is a mathematical strategy game in which you need to move white numbers around a grid, add them together, and solve puzzles by overpowering the blue numbers.

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